Walnut Station

Save time and expense by testing distributed energy resources in real time on live systems, while protecting both your system and device.

AEP’s Walnut Station Test Facility provides unique research and testing services for various distributed energy resources. Testing can be conducted on generation, energy storage and power quality devices. Examples include microturbines, fuel cells, advanced batteries, renewable powered equipment, and other related equipment, including communications, protection and control equipment and components. Devices may be tested singularly or in combination with other devices and may operate with or without connection to the electric power grid.

Through its expert research and testing capabilities, we can help electric industry customers interact safely with the power system. Utility distribution companies, Independent System Operators, Independent Power Producers, state commissions, government entities, renewable and green power advocates can benefit from this offering.

Facility Capabilities

  • Interconnection to the AEP distribution system at the 13.8 kV meter tap point
  • Consistent with all applicable facility connection requirements established by AEP to provide engineering and operations experiments for each tested device.
  • Test capability includes four test cells, each capable of handling devices up to 1,500 kVA. Eventual development to 10 MW is planned.
  • Fully equipped 2 acre, fenced testing facility with its own site lighting, test and monitoring equipment, and related communications and security devices.
  • Separate metering to distinguish power used by the facility from power that could be exported.

Primary Voltage

  • 13.8 kV Circuit
  • Station Safety Breaker (560 Amps)
  • 1,500 kVA Transformers (GNDY)
  • Complete Protection Package
  • SCADA compatible relaying
  • Bi-directional System Metering

Secondary Voltage at Each Test Cell

  • 480/277V (Delta)
  • Test Cell Safety Breaker 2000 Ampere 480 Volt
  • Relaying for Directional Current and Synchronizing
  • Wideband Fiber Optic DAS
  • Generator Under Test

Gas Supply

  • 180 to 280 psi, Gas Supply
  • Four Gas Supply Connection
  • 1.5 MW Capacity Nominal per Connection

Test Cells

  • Four Test Cells Installed
  • Protective Barriers
  • Individual 480/277VY 50 Ampere Auxiliary Sources